Our Mission

Beer52 didn't become the UK's most popular craft beer club for nothing - we got to where we are by giving beer drinkers the best damn beers on the planet. Our resident beer experts have visited breweries all around the world, in the search of the most interesting brews they can find. We deliver a carefully curated case of these craft beers from our favourite microbreweries every month.

We find the best beers.

By searching the globe and working with the best microbreweries we can find, we deliver unusual, small batch and unique beers to your door.

You learn about what you're drinking.

With the help of our 'Meet The Brewers' booklet in every box and our online community and YouTube Channel, you get to hear from the people behind the bottles.

We support independent microbrewers

With our help, small breweries are able to develop exciting new beers and let our members try them first.

We're building a community of people who love craft beer.

By sharing your views with the rest of the community, you'll get your chance to make a mark on the world of craft beer. Voting on new beer ideas and recipes will help bring some of the most innovative ideas to Beer52's boxes.