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How Much Does It Cost?

£27 for 8 beers or £32 for 10 beers or £37 for 12 beers on a monthly plan billed every 28 days.

Our 8 pack monthly subscription club includes 8 beers (£14.01) a copy of our magazine, Ferment (£7.99) 2 beer snacks (£5) and free delivery. The price of £27 includes VAT of £2.34.

Our 10 pack monthly subscription club includes 10 beers (£19.01) a copy of our magazine, Ferment (£7.99) 2 beer snacks (£5) and free delivery. The price of £32 includes VAT of £3.17.

Our 12 pack monthly subscription club includes 12 beers (£24.01) a copy of our magazine, Ferment (£7.99) 2 beer snacks (£5) and free delivery. The price of £37 includes VAT of £4.

Free delivery on subscription orders over £22.50, unless otherwise advertised.

How Often Do I Get Sent Beers?

You are sent out 8 or 10 delicious craft beers every 28 days. Don't worry, if you run out then you can just text us or fire through an email to and we'll send you some more.

If you find that you aren't keeping up, we also have plans where you can get a box every 2 or every 3 months instead.

How Do I Sign Up?

Whether you have a gift card, voucher or just want to get started with us you can head over to

If you don't have any gift cards or vouchers, head over to and click on the big 'Get Started' button to kick off your craft beer journey.

If you have a gift card or a voucher, click on 'Promo or gift code?' (Underneath Get Started button) on our home page

A pop out will appear, enter your code into the box and click on 'Claim My Voucher'.

On the next page, you will be shown the discount applied.

Your next billing date and price will be confirmed to you at every stage of inputting your personal details.

Once you've filled out all your details and checked these over, just click 'Place my order' to start your craft beer subscription.

Your account dashboard will be displayed once you've successfully signed up with us.

When Do I Get Billed?

The monthly plan is billed every 28 days. You can check when you're next due to be billed at any time by logging into your online account. Just click on the “Settings” icon on the right hand side of your screen and select the “Subscription” heading to view the date.

Where your next billing date will appear is marked by the red star in the image below!

What Beers Will I Get?

Our team carefully curates a selection of craft beers which varies depending on the monthly theme. All you have to do is choose whether you'd like a mix of light and dark beers or light beers only and we'll do the rest!

What's In The Case?

Depending on your plan, you'll receive 8 or 10 or 12 craft beers which may be in bottles or cans, as well as the latest edition of Ferment Magazine (the UK's number one craft beer magazine) and delicious beer snacks to enjoy, like Soffles Pitta Chips.

What Is The Difference Between A Mixed Or Light Case?

With the Mixed cases we include 2 or 3 stouts, porters, or other types of dark beer alongside your regular beers. With the Light cases, these dark beers are replaced with more of the pale ales, IPAs, and so forth.

Do I Get An Order Confirmation?

When you place your first order, we'll send you a Welcome email which gives you a breakdown of your order and your ongoing plan. For future orders, we don't send out reminder emails but you can always see your next billing date in the “Subscription” section of your account. You'll also receive an email containing tracking information once your order is dispatched from our warehouse.

You can check when your next billing date is at any time by logging into your online account. Just click on the “Settings” icon on the right hand side of your screen and select the “Subscription” heading to view the date.

Where your next billing date will appear is marked by the red star in the image below!

Do I Get Tracking Updates?

Tracking information will be emailed to you as soon as your order is dispatched. You can also find this information in the “Order history” section of your online account, where the details of your current and previous orders are all available.

You can access this information by selecting “My Beer52” from the banner running along the top of your screen, and then choosing “Track My Orders” from the drop-down menu

From here, you'll be able to see whereabouts in the packing and dispatch process your order is.

Once dispatched you'll have the option to “Track your parcel”

If selected this screen will display your order number, tracking number and dispatch date, and will also provide you with a quick and easy way to register any delivery related issues with our customer support team.

Can I Change How Often I Get Deliveries?

Absolutely! If you are looking to move to a more spaced out plan just drop us an email or give us a call and we can switch you to a 1 box every 2 months or even 1 box every 3 months plan no problem at all.

I Want Dark Beers, Can You Help?

Unfortunately we don't offer a dark beer only box but if you’re a fan of the darker side of beer, then the Mixed case is for you! With the Mixed cases we include 2 or 3 stouts, porters, or other types of dark beer as part of your selection. Please note, our mixed case is not suitable for Vegans at this time.

What's Beer52?

What We Do

We're the UK's largest craft beer discovery club and we send you a tasty selection of craft beers every month. Join us on a journey of discovery and share our favourite beers from around the planet!

Whether you have just discovered the fast-growing world of craft beer or you're a craft beer aficionado, our boxes are designed to fuel your passion for flavour and to learn a little bit about what's in your glass along the way.

We work really closely with the breweries we feature to give you a little peek into their magical beery world and sometimes they create exclusive beers available only for our subscribers!

Each tasty box of beer comes complete with snacks, as well as a copy of 100 page full-colour Ferment magazine where you can learn all about what's happening and who's's essential reading!

Want to find out more? Check out our website

Why We Are The Best Beer Club

Don't take our word for it, here's what some of our 200,000 Beer Club members think of our service.

How It Works

When Does The Beer Arrive?

When you sign up to our beer club, payment is taken immediately and your first order is processed for shipping. You will receive your first case via next day delivery if you order by 3pm, Monday - Friday. We also have a Saturday delivery option if you aren't available during the week.

How Often Do I Get Sent Beers?

From sign up, you are billed every 28 days for a new box. You can change this if you would like deliveries to be less frequent, simply contact our team by emailing We can change the frequency and the number of beers you are sent out as required.

Can I Pick The Beers?

For our subscription boxes, these are pre selected and cannot be changed. Our beer experts sample hundreds of beers every month in a mission to get the most exciting and diverse range of beers in your case. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it! That being said you can create your own box of beer within our online shop for one-off orders! Simply go to to get started.

Do I Have To Sign Up?

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our Beer Club (loyalty rewards, free beers, merchandise and much more!) you must sign up to redeem our services. We're a subscription service, after all!

You can however order a one-off box from and select 'One-Off Case'. Please note, discounts are not applicable on any of our gift products. They are only to be used with our Beer Club subscriptions.

Where In The World Are You?

We are based in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh!

Should you need to get in contact with us by snail mail, our address is below:

  • Beer52
  • 8 Melville Crescent
  • Edinburgh
  • EH3 7JA
  • Scotland

What Courier Do You Use?

Evri and Yodel take care of our delivery services for mainland UK. Evri will be used as a courier if you live in other areas, such as Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands or Isle of Man.

Do You Offer Next Day Delivery?

Yes! Have a look at the countdown on the main page of our website. Order before this reaches zero to get next day delivery.

How Fast is Delivery?

For your first box, you can select Next Day delivery if you order by 8pm.
Recurring subscription boxes have an average delivery time of 2-3 working days from the item being shipped out from our warehouse. It can take a little longer in some cases so please allow up to 3 working days from it being despatched before getting in touch.

Track Your Box?

On sign up, your box will be assigned a tracking number which can be found in your confirmation email or within your Beer52 account.

Download the courier app for real time tracking on your box. You can update your delivery preferences by choosing a safe place, leaving your box with a neighbour or diverting your box to a new address if you're not going to be home.

How Do I Return My Box?

If you would like to return a box, please contact and someone from our friendly team will assist you. All returned items in your box must be unopened and the return logged with our customer service team. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free returns on the boxes of beer due to their heavy weight.

Due to the nature of our product, all cases are non-refundable unless defective in which we will send a replacement or a refund.

Manage Your Beer52 Account

Skip, Pause or Cancel Subscription

You can make changes to your subscription at any time by logging into your Beer52 account.

To pause your account or update your subscription, log into your account at

You'll be able to manage your subscription completely from here. To pause your account for a month, click the “Settings” icon visible on the right hand side of your screen. This will reveal a drop-down menu from which you can select a 'Subscription' heading.

Once on the subscription page, just scroll down and click on 'Pause subscription for 1 month'.

To take longer holidays, simply get in touch and let us know how long you would like to pause for and we'll get this arranged for you no problem!

Please note that to cancel your subscription, you'll have to get in touch with our team by calling 0131 285 2684. We're open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

Please note that we require 24 hours to process your first order before you'll be able to cancel your account.

Update Card Details

If you need to update your billing information, please do so by logging into your account. From there, if you click on the “Settings” icon visible on the right hand side of your screen, you'll be able to select “Payments” to update your card details.

Remember to click 'Update' to make sure the new details are saved!

Update Address Details

Whether you're moving house or want your box sent to a friend's place, you can easily update your delivery details by logging into your account and clicking the “Settings” icon visible on the right hand side of your screen. From there, just select “Delivery” to update your mobile number, delivery address, as well as any delivery instructions.

It's useful to think about where might be a safe place for orders to be left if you're not home when delivery is made; if you know they'll be secure with a neighbour, on the front porch or in the shed out back, be sure to let your courier know this by completing the “Delivery Instructions” fields!

Change My Password

To change your password, simply log into your account, and click the “Settings” icon on the right hand side of your screen - from there you'll see a “Login Details” heading which, if clicked, will take you to this page where you can update your password.

Just remember to click 'Update' for changes to apply! If you run into any difficulty here just drop us a line on and we'll get you sorted.

Refer A Friend

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